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The Most Remarkable Luxury Footwear in the World

Traveling to the Amalfi Coast? To the English Polo games? or just a luncheon in Palm Beach?

Experience what it is like to wear a real luxury shoe, one that is the culmination of Italian workmanship with the high-tech advances only Moses Grace can deliver.  Moses Grace invests in design, construction, and materials offering you a long-term worthwhile investment. In fact, we are the only luxury footwear brand in the world to incorporate the esteemed sacchetto construction in a heeled shoe.

If you don’t believe a shoe such as ours is worth the prestigeous price, go no further and purchase a standard luxury shoe. MG is priced to reflect the incredible work required, supreme materials, and disciplined construction unmatched on the market today. If you purchase one of our shoes you will be wearing one of the richest shoes on the planet.

We will begin selling our shoes soon online and through select boutiques. We will overnight ship for you and deliver them courtier same day if in vicinity.


Our New Spring Styles



Superiore exemplifies strength and style. She is meticulously made and covered in a precious French leather then processed in the town of Pisa. Her auto mold stands out, embedded in the ankle strap while around the back a strong zipper reaches the upper ankle. Like the others she is made with a sacchetto construction, comfortably enclosing your foot in a glove like sack. This shoe features added padding with aloe, an embedded non skid sole in the MG custom gray and decorative red stitching.


Classica is like a spring flower, with double auto arrow detailing on both sides and front. LIke the others she is built with the esteemed sacchetto construction. She has a feminine top line, tapered heel, and extra padding. She is all feminine style.


Premio is like a fine necklace, with a seatbelt like strap and a pretty clasp. Her auto mold protrudes in a v-shape on the vamp. Her color blue goes beautifully with a white pants suit or even jeans.


Maestrale is covered in a beautiful fuschia leather. She has an imposing auto mold on the front and her silhouette is all lady. She has all the bells and whistles and is pretty with both a dress and pants.


Sublime is a beautiful Man’s loafer consisting of precious French leather, sacchetto construction and auto detailing. Wear them with slacks or jeans.


Preziosa is the color of the Mediterranean; a sophisticated slip-on with sacchetto construction, she has custom auto detailing and is bathed in magnificent French leather.

“I’ve worn them a month straight! I wore them on the first date with my boyfriend and on my recent trip to Europe!”

– Kim-Marie, Greenwich

“They are fabulous and so well-made!”

– Theresa, Boston

“Thank you so much I got the gift of your beautiful shoes!! It just arrived today and I was trying on. So beautiful!!

I will cherish this and only wear at special occasions. I will post in my story today!”

– Samura, NYC Client

Our Classics





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