Moses Grace is the first luxury pump in the world to be sewn with the coveted sacchetto method.  Moses Grace is the first in the world to embed customized auto molds into their leathers.  Moses Grace uses precious French leather too tender and expensive to be used by others.  Moses Grace has customized fit for more comfort, and there is more…

A millennia in the making.

Each Moses Grace shoe is handmade in the north of Italy by a family of shoemakers whose craftsmanship has adorned the soles of royalty and celebrity alike for generations.  Eighteen suppliers provide the materials for Moses Grace and it takes over 150 steps to complete each shoe.

Our Process

01. Sketch

All great innovations are born on paper and at Moses Grace, our shoes are, too. Each design begins as a simple illustration by the hand of our founder and principal designer, Laura Stucki and notched and cut.

02. Shape

Next, a silhouette is designed to fit the design aesthetics.  The form (or, last, around which the design will be built) is created before taping the last and drawing the design upon it to get the paper pattern.

03. Manipulate

Once complete, the tape is peeled off and flattened onto another surface where its 3D measurements are manipulated to fit the contour of the foot and its movements.

04. Trim

Next, our master craftsmen hand-select and trim fine leather to fit the pattern of the shoe.

05. Sew

The “sacchetto,” meaning little sac in Italian, is the inner lining or sock that makes Moses Grace footwear so beautiful, comfortable and durable. The shoe starts to form when the inner and outer portions are stitched together.  Moses Grace is the first heeled shoe in the world to be sewn with the sacchetto method.

06. Assemble

After many pieces of the shoe are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle, the leather is eventually pulled over the last to create the final fit. 

07. Polish

In the final step, the last is removed, the leather is brushed, polished, and photographed before it is shipped to you.

Our founder and principal designer.

Laura Helene Stucki