Classica is the queen at the polo matches. Handmade near Rome, she is first pump in the world to be constructed with the regal sacchetto stitching method and the first shoes in the world to embed custom auto detailing in her design.  She has a comfortable slipper (on which you place your foot) consisting of leather, cork and aloe and her silhouette is long and lean Italian atop a wrapped tapered block heel. She is the apex of luxury.


Handcrafted Elegance

Experience the sophistication and luxury of Old World Italian shoemaking.

Superior Materials

Hand-selected French leather that is strong yet delicate molds to the shape of the foot.

Unique and Exclusive

The only women’s heel in the world made with the coveted sacchetto construction.

A Lifetime of Service

Complimentary repairs of the sole of the shoes, should the leather become worn over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Moses Grace shoes different?

Inside each Moses Grace shoe is a sacchetto, meaning “little sac” in Italian. This traditional construction method creates a sock-like inner lining that cradles the foot and ensures a comfortable, already-worn feeling for the wearer. In modern shoemaking, where the emphasis is on manufacturing speed, glues and rigid attachments are used which make shoes stiff. Our shoes are light and flexible, like a slipper. We are the very first brand to make sacchetto construction available in a heel for women.

In addition, we are the first footwear brand to have elements custom-made by an Italian auto company that creates interiors for the most elegant cars in the world such as Bugatti and Ferrari. We implant the first mini molds they’ve made.

Where are Moses Grace shoes made?

Our shoes are crafted with the highest quality materials, design and workmanship by expert craftspeople in Italy. Our Italian partners are carrying on a family legacy in shoemaking that goes back generations. Their skills are well-known to celebrities and dancers who come to them for custom shoes and boots that meet their high standards.

Can I try these shoes on?

We always prefer our customers to try the shoes on in person to experience their beauty and to ensure a perfect fit. We have a private showroom in Greenwich, Connecticut for in-person fittings, by appointment. Alternately, we will come to you anywhere in the greater New York City area. Contact us at

Can I wear these shoes anywhere?

While we understand why you would want to wear your Moses Grace shoes everywhere, we recommend you avoid walking in wet conditions, on pebbled pavements or for long distances. Unlike less well-made luxury shoes, Moses Grace shoes do not come with a rubber sole which would inhibit the slipper-like movement of the custom sacchetto construction and obscure the lovely sole.

How do I care for these shoes?

Enclosed with the shoes we provide care advice that will reduce wear and keep your Moses Grace shoes looking fresh and lovely for years to come. A polishing crème is provided with every pair. In addition, should the sole become worn or the color of the leather faded from abrasion, we offer complimentary repairs. Contact us at to coordinate.